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Cloud Technology Trends in 2017

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As we hurtle into 2017 and cloud developers continue to bring innovative products and services to the market, businesses that have yet to adopt cloud technology are being quickly left behind. Following greater adoption, how can cloud transform an organisation's day-to-day operations now, and what can we expect in the future?

Cloud Automation

In the future, most organisations will automate their infrastructure, leaving software developers and enterprises to concentrate on creating digital services and driving new business models with IT. Automating ways to deliver applications and virtual servers will increase the efficiency of every business.

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Internet Of Things

Internet of Things is changing the world, changing the way devices communicate with one another. As our world becomes inter-connected, the amount of data collected is rapidly increasing. With so much data potential, cloud computing will play an important role, not only in the pathway, but also in security, speed, agility and delivering applications.

Cloud Analytics

Cloud and mobile technologies are providing enterprises of all sizes with opportunities to use big data and analytics to make better, data-driven decisions. Using a cloud-based data management platform, companies can create a unified view of information that is quick, reliable, available in real-time and actionable immediately. Not only that, applications can be created quickly in the cloud, with no need to set up infrastructure.

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